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Auto & Truck Loans

At The Farmers Bank we offer great fixed rate loan rates on all cars and trucks. Whether you are shopping for a new car or truck, or you found the perfect used car, we can offer financing to meet your needs.

We offer competative fixed rate loans for all vehicle years. Simply click on one of the Apply buttons below to start your loan application today!

Rates as of Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Product DescriptionInterest RateAPRApply
2016 & Newer Model Years - 48 months3.590%4.224%
2016 & Newer Model Years - 60 months3.740%4.253%
2016 & Newer Model Years - 72 months4.090%4.523%
2015 Model Year - 66 months3.890%4.360%
2014 Model Year - 63 months3.990%4.481%
2013 Model Year - 60 months4.190%4.705%
2012 Model Year - 54 months4.290%4.860%
2011 Model Year - 48 months4.540%5.179%
2010 Model Year - 48 months4.640%5.279%
2009 Model Year - 48 months4.940%5.581%
2008 Model Year and Older - 48 months5.590%6.234%
2008 Model Year and Older - 36 months5.340%6.183%

Important Notices

Rates shown on this page are a representation of our vehicle rates and terms. The rates displayed are intended for vehicle loans to borrowers with Equifax credit scores of 750 or greater. Rates may be higher for borrowers based upon credit scores and/or other factors, such as loan to value.

The interest rates, annual percentage rates (APRs), loan origination fees and rebates shown are subject to change without notice.

APR assumes a $10,000 loan with a $125 loan origination fee. Your APR will vary based upon your final loan amount and term