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Personal Banking

As your full-service community bank, The Farmers Bank is proud to offer you a wide range personal banking products.

Savings Accounts - Savings is an investment opportunity - an investment in a secure future. The Farmers Bank offers a number of savings program opportunities to fit any need.

Checking Accounts - The Farmers Bank offers a wide range of checking account options. Convenience, low service charges, Free Internet Banking with IBanc, Free 24 Hour Bank-By-Phone access with TeleBanc, and Check Imaging are just a few of the many benefits we offer to our customers.

Credit Cards - Choose the Card That's Right For You! Finding a credit card that's right for you has never been easier. Choose from a variety of Visa cards, each designed to match your financial needs.

Retirement Accounts - Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs) are special savings plans to help customers accumulate funds for retirement years.

Consumer Loans - At The Farmers Bank, you'll receive all the credit you deserve. What ever the purpose, we do our best to help you get the money you need at low rates with convenient repayment terms.

Safe Deposit Boxes - Are your valuables safe? Do you know where to find all of your important documents? And are they secure in case of fire, flood, or other disaster?

Home Mortgages - Make that dream of owning your own home a reality! The Farmers Bank is proud to have earned the reputation for being the 'home loan specialists'.